Donna has a heart for children, a heart for families, and more importantly a heart for God. She is wise, smart, funny & and excellent at what she does…..As a single mom, I have consulted with her many times over the years and highly recommend her…. Often times I walk away thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”… I, like many, tend to overthink or to bury my head in the sand. She has helped me to work through and address issues head-on with commonsense, practical loving advice. Donna is a treasure and truly wants what is best for our children; not only what is best today for them… but what is best for them long-term.

Germantown, TN

Donna is walking alongside my husband and me as we raise our 4 and 6 year old boys. She is very personable, and we felt comfortable sharing our needs with her right away. Donna is a great listener as she hears our concerns and gives practical advice and techniques specific to our situation. Just last night, my husband remembered a technique she had shared with us, and it worked like a charm. We’ve learned that when we do the hard work to change our habits, we reap the rewards. Our kids are so much happier with more structure and when they know what to expect from us. This process has also helped improve communication between me and my husband. Give Donna a call. You’ll be so glad you did!

Collierville, TN

This is genius! I don’t know why Donna hasn’t started this years ago. She has such good, wise insights through years of experience. Her love for the Lord and others is uniquely evident. She applies wisdom, wit and humor in her every day life. I do not have children at this stage of life, but I would undoubtedly trust her with my grandchildren any day of the week! Not many people can teach parenting techniques with love and humor all at the same time , but she definitely has the qualities and experience to do this. Five stars for sure!