What is a Parent Coach?

A Parent Coach:

  • Is a certified professional who helps parents, (and other caregivers)  lovingly and intentionally lead their children (as opposed to being lead by the child) which in usually a very short time, will result in a happier and more relaxed relationship with their children.
  • Asks questions and listens carefully to help parents identify strengths and weaknesses within their family unit, as well as negative habits that have developed within the family that need to be reversed.
  • Helps move parents to a course of action that will provide positive, rapid, permanent, behavior change in their children.
  • Teaches parents how to restore respect and responsibility in the family system
  • Addresses issues such as problems with daily routines and transitions (morning and night, for example), power struggles, parental anger, discipline, homework challenges, chores, and “disrespectful” behavior.
  • Assists parents in creating a parenting plan, then supports the parents as they carry out these plans problem-solve as challenges arise.
  • Is usually involved with a family for a relatively short period of time.

What a Parent Coach is not:

  • A parent coach is not a therapist*; Therapy typically addresses issues in a client’s background and seeks to work through those issues until the client has found some closure.
  • Therapy frequently uses diagnoses; parent coaching does not diagnose.
  • Parent coaching deals in the present and the future; parent coaching is usually relatively short term.
 *If a child is under the care of a therapist, written permission is required from the professional before coaching can take place.